Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Because so many of you one of you wondered where we went to, we are on a short hiatus.

Between vacations (Texas!?) and over booking ourselves (Greg), we don't have time to put a show together. We will have a new show the week of March 29th so keep yours hands to yourself until then.

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Stay vigilant.

I'm Wearing Green

So I feel like a total ass today.

This morning while running a errand I saw a older woman wearing a shamrock scarf. "HARUMPH!" I said to myself and scoffed at her. "Look at this loser wearing a St. Patrick's day scarf. Clearly she has no friends and is a loser who dresses up for holidays." (Yes, I judged her purely for wearing a holiday scarf).

I end up getting into work and while standing around talking with co-workers, someone says "Oh look! If only Sally had wore green we would all match!" I think to myself, "WTF is this person talking about." I look around and see everyone is wearing green -- then I quickly realize they are doing this because it is St. Patrick's Day -- I then realize that inadvertently put on a green sweater today.

So despite all my efforts to hate on and judge people who dress according to the holiday, I became one of them.

"LOOK AT ME! It's St. Patrick's Day and I am wearing green with all my co-workers to celebrate. We are a really cool bunch. We were red on Valentine's Day and orange for Halloween and we get really crazy and wear RED WHITE AND BLUE on the Fourth of July!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Work Hard…. But We Play Hard Too!

One thing in my ever-growing list of things that annoy me about corporate America is this concept of “work hard/play hard.” Who came up with this? It is basically the most annoying blend of pompous self-importance and annoying, overage frat-boy that I can imagine.

Interviewer: (very serious tone) As you can see our company is very busy. Its not uncommon to work 70 hours in a week here. We work really hard… (fake smile and lighthearted tone) But we also like to have fun! Our department is crazy! You never know when there's going to be NERF footballs flying around! I mean who has NERF footballs in an office?!? How zany is that!?!? We work hard... but we play even harder! (fake laugh and awkward pat on the shoulder) We go to happy hours on Fridays! Just the other day O’Donnell and the other partners took us out to Applebees after we got off work at 7:30. They picked up the whole tab! One of the guys here, Timmy… Timmy’s a big drinker. Seriously that guy is crazy and you’ve probably never met or spent your whole college career hating anyone like him… Anyway, Timmy was so drunk!!! I have no idea how he drove home. I bet his wife was ticked!! But he sure was late when he got in on Saturday morning…

Kill me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Awesome Train podcast #044

March 3rd, 2010
THIS WEEK, we get indecent proposals from belly scratchers - put up some towel curtains in the bachelor pad (for the ladies) - Steven Seagal is the biggest 'Steven' celebrity Louise knows - booze it up with a chimp and go to rehab - and more news and music.

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Spoon: 'Trouble Comes Running'
Vampire Weekend: 'Diplomat's Son'
Spoon: 'Goodnight Laura'

Disguised weapons
Noah's Ark sandwich
Line-up for 2010 Dancing with the Stars

Wii fail

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